DueCi Promotion experience in strategic communication planning and know-how represent the answer to any formative need also thanks to the employment of new methodologies.

Founded as an integrated services agency, the company identifies its main “core businesses” in planning and organizing events and CME compliant meetings, specifically in the healthcare sector. Symposia, boards, seminars, workshops, conferences are just few of the countless solutions that, customized in every detail, can transform a project into a sure success.

In order to meet all requirements, DueCi Promotion can plan “virtual” formative meeting. Thanks to dedicated technologic tools, we can convey educational content to HCP through webinar, webconference, streaming, online survey, web community. These new educational, formative methodologies allow attendees to keep updated saving time or with more flexibility, but enable to reach a wider audience, both national and international.

May you want to access our e-learning formative proposals, please link to: http://fadueci.com